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Anneke Ras

I'm a map designer from The Netherlands.

Charity Project Dominican Republic

The world is full of people in need. Meanwhile people are planning tropical holidays to far away countries when there are others who have no holidays, no money for clothes and sometimes, even no family or home at all. Of course, we all want to help those in need. When I'm on holiday I always think "How can I give back to people who need?" And that's why I always leave things behind when I am on holiday. Like towels and clothes.

When I was on holiday in the Dominican Republic I saw a lot of the country and also was able to visit a primary school. A big part of the population in the Dominican Republic lives below the poverty line. It was good for my son to see the differences. Even he was young at that time he was impressed to see the difference between this school and his. 

I donated a worldmap to this school. So the kids were able to learn about the world.



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