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Hi! We are Maison Maps.
We educate kids about the world with our cool posters and puzzles.

Before you go on holiday prepare the kids about the place where you are going to.
It will help them to get a better idea of for example the climate, the food and maybe some culture differences.

It doesn't matter where you go or how far you go. As long as you prepare them they will be super excited to go.

So grab an atlas, or like my son always does, he wants to find the place himself on Google maps.
By showing your kids were the location is, they also learn about the earth, distances and continents.

Explain them how long is the drive or flight? I made some far away travels with my son. To Mexico, the Dominican Republic and California and Nevada.
All these trips were more than 10 hours hours flying from Amsterdam. And to Mexico we even had a stop in Cuba. And I never told him, it's not that long.
I was be honoust with him.
I said: it's a very long flight and you have to prepare some things what you want to do in the plane. If you want to draw, pack some pencils.
If you want to use your Ipad download some games that you can play without Wifi. In this way I gave him some responsibility as well.

When I travel with my son I always do something active/ adventures, something cultural and ofcourse a lot of relaxing.
When we go to do something cultural, we plan the next day a pool day. Don't overdo museums in a day, just keep it fun.
Kids love to learn about history and geographic and experience new things, as long as you don't make it too long.

I always buy some travel books of the place where we are going to. So my son can learn some things about the country.
What language do they speak. How do you greet the people?
And we look together what activities and sightseeings we can do.

I have created Maison Maps to teach kids about the animals, flora and fauna and the landmarks of a country. Even how to say hello.

Travelling with kids is a great experience.
It also will help them to see how it is to live in a different place.

Thanks for watching! Follow us for more travel tips!

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