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Maison Maps is created and founded by Anneke Ras.

As a young girl I always was fascinated by the world atlas and country and city maps, I could study them for hours and dream away. When I was traveling I always 'grabbed' a map and checked where I was in the world. I started my maps under the name Maps By Annie. The maps were selling well in the United States but I wanted to reach also the European market (and ofcourse the rest of the world ; -)) and that's why I've asked my good friend Benoît to jump into this adventure.

I draw all the maps myself and get inspiration from internet or from the atlas or other travel books. I first start with research on internet and I ask for tips from people who come from that country or know the country well. For example, my boyfriend helped me draw the map of Vietnam, where he was born. And a good friend from South Africa helped me with South Africa. When I have all the information I digitally draw the map and all the details. The maps contain drawings of famous buildings, flora and fauna, traditional costumes, but also food and drinks and funny details from a country or city. The posters are not only fun to look at, but they are also very educational.

I hope to inspire people with the maps. Traveling is difficult at the moment and with my maps I hope I can bring back good memories. Memories of happy holidays or memories back to your roots.
I ordered the poster from Norway for my son. Last week I received it. A beautiful drawing printed on beautiful black paper (good quality, too)! We are very satisfied. I am waiting for Austria (that will be a gift) and do not rule out buying the world map. It will make you greedy! 😍
S. van Venrooij (Eindhoven, The Netherlands)
The map of Poland is beautifully drawn. I ordered it for my sons room. It hangs on the wall and makes the room very colourful. We love it! It arrived in a box which kept the poster nice. You have so many maps for kids that I will come back. They are also nice as a present. Dzięki!
Magdalena Wesołowska (Łódź, Poland)
Fast delivery. Super nice map. Beautiful colors and nice drawings. Quality is also really great. Super happy with it. Fits exactly in the nursery.
Rick (Eindhoven)
Anneke created the most wonderful map of Israel for our summer camp. She is responsive, friendly, and of course super talented! Thanks so much, Anneke! Excited to see it come to life this summer.
Allison Boaz (Atlanta, United States)

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