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Maison Maps Maison Maps was founded by Anneke Ras.
Since I was a young girl, I've been captivated by world atlases, country maps, and city charts. I could spend hours poring over them, letting my imagination roam free. Whenever I traveled, I'd grab a map to track my journey.

This passion led me to start creating maps under the name Maps By Annie, and they quickly gained popularity in the United States. However, I had grander ambitions - to share these maps with the European market and beyond, and soon enough, Europe and Asia found their way to my maps.

I personally create each map, drawing inspiration from various sources such as the internet, atlases, and travel books. It all starts with thorough online research, often enriched by insights from individuals familiar with the featured country. For example, my boyfriend played a crucial role in crafting the Vietnam map, given that it's his birthplace. Likewise, a dear friend from South Africa contributed valuable knowledge for the South Africa map. Armed with this wealth of information, I digitally design the maps, adding intricate details. Maison Maps aspires to evoke the joy of past vacations and help you reconnect with your roots. We offer a diverse range of products beyond posters, each designed to bring the world a little closer to you.

So, welcome to Maison Maps, where every map is a piece of art, and every corner of the world has its own story to tell. 🌍✨

Our product range caters to both the young and the young at heart, serving up a delightful assortment of items that give a funny nod to diverse cultures, cuisines, and countries:

🌍 Expat Gifts: Moving to a new country can be both exciting and challenging. Maison Maps has the perfect gifts for expats, offering a warm welcome to those embarking on new adventures. Our products make fantastic presents for friends and loved ones transitioning to a different culture.

🎈 Kids' Posters: Spark your child's imagination with our posters of the world and individual countries. Each design is crafted with funny illustrations depicting the people, their delightful cuisines, native animals, and vibrant flora and fauna. An educational and entertaining addition to any kid's room.

🌮 Food Posters: Get ready to take your taste buds on a rollicking world tour with Maison Maps' delectable collection of food posters, celebrating Italian dishes (pasta, pizza, and molto altro!), Brazilian delicacies (samba your way to flavor-town), Mexican cuisine (add some Caliente to your kitchen), Chinese flavors (a great wall of yum!), Dutch treats (stroopwafels and cheese galore), and Polish specialties (pierogis and kielbasa, oh my!). And that's just the appetizer; we have plenty more global cuisines to tickle your fancy! with Mexican cuisine, savor Chinese flavors, sate your taste buds with Dutch treats, and indulge in Polish specialties.

🧩 Puzzling Adventures: Challenge the whole family with our 1000-piece puzzles featuring countries worldwide. Each puzzle showcases funny illustrations of people, their mouthwatering cuisines, exotic animals, and lush flora and fauna. It's not just a puzzle; it's a global voyage!

📆 Global Calendars: Stay inspired year-round with our food calendars celebrating flavors from around the world. Each month brings a new culinary adventure, making meal planning a delightful experience.

👕 Apparel: Express your love for travel and cuisine with our stylish t-shirts and cozy sweaters. These apparel pieces are adorned with captivating designs inspired by global cultures, perfect for fashion-forward adventurers.

👜 Bags: Our food-inspired bags are both fashionable and functional. Carry a piece of your favorite cuisine with you wherever you go.

🌟 Pillows: Add a dash of culinary charm to your home with our food-themed pillows. They're not only comfy but also a delightful decor addition.

I ordered the poster from Norway for my son. Last week I received it. A beautiful drawing printed on beautiful black paper (good quality, too)! We are very satisfied. I am waiting for Austria (that will be a gift) and do not rule out buying the world map. It will make you greedy! 😍
S. van Venrooij (Eindhoven, The Netherlands)
The map of Poland is beautifully drawn. I ordered it for my sons room. It hangs on the wall and makes the room very colourful. We love it! It arrived in a box which kept the poster nice. You have so many maps for kids that I will come back. They are also nice as a present. Dzięki!
Magdalena Wesołowska (Łódź, Poland)
Fast delivery. Super nice map. Beautiful colors and nice drawings. Quality is also really great. Super happy with it. Fits exactly in the nursery.
Rick (Eindhoven)
Anneke created the most wonderful map of Israel for our summer camp. She is responsive, friendly, and of course super talented! Thanks so much, Anneke! Excited to see it come to life this summer.
Allison Boaz (Atlanta, United States)

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