Our pink collection

Our pink collection

Kid's rooms are more important than ever. At the moment, many people work from home or have to give their kids homeschooling. It is nice for children to have their own place where they can relax.


Decorate the room with beautiful and cozy cushions or rugs and hang drawings and posters on the wall for complete relaxation and a feeling of safety.

Many kids (in particular little girls) love the color pink. As a parent you want to meet the wishes of your child. In the wrong hands, pink can become sugary and overpowering. And the last thing you want is a room that feels like you are drowning in a vat of cotton candy. But of course it's possible to add plenty of pink to a child's room as long you know how to decorate it. Our pink collection has a pastel lilac hue. And in that way it's not too pinkish. This pink is nice to combine with grey tones and white. 

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