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Our puzzles of 1000 pieces are a fun activity for the whole family. Perfect for cold days or to make with friends sitting outside during a long sum...
Watch our new video on youtube! Click on the picture below to go to Youtube. Before you go on holiday prepare the kids about the place where you ar...
Beige is the trend for kidsrooms at the moment.
Kid's rooms are more important than ever. At the moment, many people work from home or have to give their kids homeschooling. It is nice for children to have their own place where they can relax.
A big trend at the moment are jungle and safari inspired rooms. This is a perfect style to bring some excitement in a kids room. 
When Anneke traveled to the Dominican Republic she donated a worldmap to a primary school there. 
This is the story of how it all started. Before Maison Maps Anneke started selling maps in 2015 under the name Maps By Annie.

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